Best 100 Home Based Businesses – 5 Things That Create the Best Home Based Businesses

Creating a Home Based Business is easier than you think. Here are 5 things the 100 best all have in common.1. A Passionate Entrepreneur. They quit their jobs due to stress, being overworked, traffic jams to and from work, or child care issues. Many others wanted to pursue passion. Others wanted to unleash the creative side. Some just flat out were looking to make money because they were laid off, did not make enough or wanted to make a boatload more. All were extremely passionate about a new business idea. They had a passion to succeed.2. Uncovered A Real Need. The 100 Home-Based Business winners have built home businesses around simple ideas to overcome a problem or take advantage of a glaring opportunity. Each business was built on meeting a real need people had. One person wanted safe beauty products that truly worked. Another found real solutions to their waste in an eco way. Steam showers for less were one man’s success. Whenever a home based business need was discovered the entrepreneur found a way to meet it. When you can meet a real or perceived need you will find people willing to hire you or buy your products.3. Started Simple. Many were started with a phone line, the internet and a small investment. A lot of them were mom and pop businesses or a single mom with little resource but great motivation. Almost all were internet marketed. Start simple with the basics. The Best 100 Home Based Businesses started with one product or service and built from there. Keep it simple and keep the main thing the main thing.4. A Disciplined Work Ethic. In fact, many of the most financially successful home-based businesses in this year’s ranking actually made a strategic decision to transition from a traditional business environment to a home-based operation. It was not the work they hated just the environment. The people at the helm of the best 100 home based businesses were those with a disciplined work ethic. They had a vision, put together a business plan, set goals, and worked hard to achieve those goals. Working hard and long was possible because they avoided the long commute, home was a more convenient work place and they stayed organized.5. Mastered Online Marketing. Having the right product, being passionate and working hard, will only get you minimum success without proper marketing. Home based businesses with the most success had great marketing. Marketing online is a must. Master the skill of online marketing and success will not be far away.Over 150 million people in North America run a business from home. They also found that because of the tough economy, that number is growing even larger. Most all of home businesses are online. The huge success of the Best 100 home based businesses is because of the person behind the business coupled with a great opportunity.

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